Day 2

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Today is the first Sunday in Advent! And just like last year, you'll get a bit more work to do on Sundays.

But for the beginning, we'll keep it a bit simpler ... If you can read music, that is.

What do the following four Kaizers Orchestra songs have in common?

The correct answer:
They all have the word "devil" (in different terms) in the title.

Those are the songs:

  1. Satan i halsen
  2. Fanden hakk i hel
  3. Djevelens orkester
  4. Faen i båten
The answers that all songs are in 4/4 or G-clef are actually wrong - the last song is in alla breve, not in 4/4, and the G-clef is part of the notation and doesn't have anything to do with the song itself. Another correct answer of course was that all songs are awesome, but that wasn't really the answer I was looking for and therefore didn't give any points. =;-)

40% answered this question correctly.