Day 18 - Bonus question

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Talking about misunderstandings: There was a misunderstanding at a festival in Finland in 2008 as well. Also here, the Kaiser Chiefs were involved in a way.

What happened?
(Since quite a few of you might not be able to find the correct answer for this question, you can also send in creative and funny answers for this one, if you want. But points will only go out to the first one who sends in a new (and good) idea - and of course to those that send in the correct answer.)

The correct answer:
You can find the answer in the new photo book "Blitzregn 02-12":

"The organizers were very satisfied with the price for which they had booked the band. The band was more than satisfied with their salary. The organizers weren't that satisfied anymore when they found out that they had booked Kaizers Orchestra. They thought they had booked the Kaiser Chiefs for a ridiculous price. The festival didn't go so well that year."

100% answered this question correctly.