Day 3 - Bonus question

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And today, the bonus question is very tricky ...

The reason why in 2003, Kaizers Orchestra turned down the offer to play at Glastonbury festival, was that it really wouldn't have made sense economically.

How much money would they have received for playing at Glastonbury festival?

The correct answer:
500 £

OK, I admit, that question was too hard. You could find the correct answer, 500 pounds, in the "Kontroll på Kontinentet" book on page 177. I said "tricky", didn't I? =;-)

However, a lot of people answered "nothing" because of this article. Well, we don't know which year Janove is talking about here, but I wouldn't be surprised if they themselves don't remember exactly what the offer was. So I counted that answer as correct as well.

64% answered this question correctly.